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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 14, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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rob: and i'm rob scmitt. in a few hours the suspect accusing of mowing down protestors will face judge in first time. heather: court appearance comes as we are learning more about james fields, suspect, including a sick infatuation with hitler. rob: vigil was held last night for the woman who was killed in that car attack, matt. >> good morning, rob and heather, this community still very shaken and unsettled trying to come to terms with what that driver did this week in plowing a car into a car and killing a 32-year-old woman. police say james field, jr., intentionally drove his gray dodge into the crowds this weekend killing 32-year-old heather, injuring 19 other people, all related to the white supremacist riots this weekend. one man survived the accident calling it a terror attack.
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>> it's just something you don't wake up in the morning expect to happen or anybody in the world, and when it happens, it's really happening, all you can do is ask god to bless you. >> a vigil was held for the young woman that was killed in charlottesville this weekend and vigil across the country in her remembrance. it's not clear if driver will physically appear in court or appear by video. of course, there are safety concerns as this town and country mourns the loss of three people who were killed in deadly riots this weekend. so a sad and somber morning here in charlottesville. rob: okay, matt, thank you. heather: vice president mike pence doubling down on president trump's comments condemning the violence in charlottesville and come to defense in face of
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critics who said what the president had to say was not enough. rob: that's right all of this as the department of justice opens hate crime investigation, kelly wright joins with the very latest. kelly: good morning. ugly and sad chapter in our history in charlottesville. president trump spoke to bring an end to it. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides. >> president trump's words did not comfort those reeling and anger and saddens from the deadly racial violence, republican and democrat lawmakers are urging the president to strongly denounce the white nationalists. >> we have to chicago it out for what it is. it is hatred, it is bigotry and our leaders got to be very frank, unequivocal, we will not tolerate that in our country.
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[cheers and applause] >> vice president mike pence addressed the matter. >> we have no tolerate for hate and violence, excite supremacists, neo-nazis or the kkk, these dangerous fringe groups have no place in american public life and in the american debate and we condemn them in the strongest possible terms. kelly: that's the vice president speaking from cartagena, colombia. the feds want to know the driver, 20-year-old james field, jr. planned the attack and if he had any help. the justice department, by the way, tells fox news the driver could be charged with domestic terrorism. rob, heather. rob on okay. heather: thank you, kelly.
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rob: talk about the big discussion over the weekend was whether or not the president's initial statement went far enough. he didn't make any mention of kkk, far-right groups and groups like that, let's take a look at what the white house came back and filled in the blanks that the media and the left say there were. the president said strongly in statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry, hatred, of course that includes white supremacists, kkk, neglecto-nazis and that's the clarification from the white house on the president's response. heather: but the question was there a need for clarification, he said that he condemned in the strongest of terms, but then i think the problem was he said that there's been violence from all sides so he wasn't specifically talking about the white supremacists. rob: he made a blanket statement in general. heather: will anything be enough and apparently for people like
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maxine parties it was not, she put on twitter this statement right here, trump has made it clear with bannon and gorka in the white house, it's the white supremacists house. charlottesville. rob: maxine waters takes it too far the other way. this is why we have problems like in this the country. politicians take things so extreme to one side orb the other and people that aren't too bright that hear this and it happens on the left and the right. let's listen to what newt gringrich. >> if you're fair to him, he's condemning the violence, bigotry and he talks very specifically about condemning racism, but i agree, clearly he should talk -- much more aggressively about it. i would point out as a conservative perspective, we have been rising a tide of violence for a good well now and
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when the chancellor of the university of california at berkeley is spending $9,000 for an escape door because they assume students will occupy his office, it just tells you we have this pat person this building and it's on both sides and it's dangerous, i'm delighted that attorney general sessions has sent justice department team down there. every person engaged in charlottesville should be locked up. but the truth in college campuses, we have to decide violence is unacceptable, you can have free speech but not violence. heather: that's absolutely right. president obama's initial statement right after the shooting although he did talk about racism in america, he did not specify white supremacy, he did not specify and called them
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out either and help, the fbi is investigating it, we have to pause and take a lock and we will say more when we find out and also called senseless murderers, he did not call it domestic terrorism either. rob: all right, we will see what we hear today and if president trump does any clarifications of his own. heather: i have a feeling he might. rob: we will see. heather: manhunt is underway after three people are gunned down at a racetrack in wisconsin, police say that the victims were shot at point-blank range near a food vender at the great lakes dragway south of milwaukee and police have no idea what happened before the shooting, nearly 5,000 people were at the racing event. no one else was injured. five others hurt in the incident
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and none of the soldiers have been identified and we will keep you posted on that. as tensions reach a boiling point with north korea, the u.s. is preparing to fight and to win. american forces now conducting joint military exercises with japan and they say they are getting ready for anything although the director of cia says we are safe for now. >> there's nothing imminent today but make no mistake about it, the continuation, the increase chance of nuclear nuclearization. rob: calling back to a meeting there. >> heather: danger blow to dangerous group al shabaab. turned himself in to the somali government when he left the terror group four years ago and has been hiding in the jungle
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ever since. the u.s. canceled 5 million-dollar bounty on him and not sure what the somali government plans to do with him. al-qaeda wants to turn into blood bath, highlighting ways to attack american subways in you haddie magazine called inspire. a step by step guide shows followers how to make home-made device that is can be clamped on the train tracks to cause derailment, expose the vulnerability of the u.s. security in the u.s. rob: more than a dozen illegal immigrants found locked inside a haven't, somebody inside tipping them to police and leading them to truck stop in edinburg, thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. this comes less than a month
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after ten illegal immigrants were found dead in tractor trailer in san antonio, texas. heather: well, extreme makeover white house edition. rob: that's right, west wing getting renovations, resurfacing hardwood floors and adding carpet in 1600 pennsylvania. heather: crew replacing hvac and it systems and lower lobby and navy kitchen. president trump is working from his national golf club in the meantime in new jersey during remodeling, he heads to trump tower today. first time back there since inauguration where he will stay and shinzo abe to meet with him. rob: our next guest says there's no room for that right now. lawrence jones.
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heather: marco rubio top of chilling hit list plus. rob: tom cruise, the high-flying act doing his own stunts. heather: ouch. visit
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to find out why we're booking.yeah! rob: the son of the venezuelan's president maduro telling state media, quote, if the u.s. soils the homeland the rifles would come to new york and take the white house. apparently the kid is not too bright. the white house is in dc and not in new york. he didn't know that.
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he would not rule out to send the military in venezuela in response to president maduro's. vice president speaking out in first leg of south american tour. >> venezuelan is sliding into dictatorship and as president trump has said, the united states will not standby as venezuela crumbles. we will continue to stand with free nations in our atmosphere until democracy is restored for the venezuelan people. rob: confident they can find a peaceful solution. all of this a top venezuelan politician may have ordered a hit on u.s. senator marco rubio. the senator has been a harsh critic of the socialist regime, he's a cuban-american, the threat came from cabello's,
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president maduro's right-hand man. rubio -- they are taking it seriously enough that rubio's security detail has been beefed up. heather: thank you very much, rob, as the nation stands together to denounce sat's hate fuel attack, the mainstream media is pinning it on the right, so-called hateful rhetoric. is that fair? here to way in lawrence jones. we always love having you here. >> good morning, heather. i want to begin with a statement from charlottesville mayor, here is what he had to say and i want to get your response a. >> he made a choice in presidential campaign, i think you're seeing a direct line from what happened here this weekend to those choices. heather: a direct line to his choices, what do you think about that? >> well, i totally disagree. i think when we start putting
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hate on political parties i think we are heading to disaster, the bottom line is that the individuals that did this are responsible for it, you can't pin this on a political party, when the left does it advise the right not to accuse and i would advise the left not accuse republicans for being responsible for this as well. heather: mainstream media headlines, we can take a look at some of those out in the washington post condemning trump saying that charlottesville violence duh doesn't single out white nationalists, la times saying that trump responds, vague statements blaming many sides, also "the new york times", you can see that there. what do we need to do? >> you would suggest that the media take a chill pill. it's not the time for ratings or cause more division in the country. secondly, the president can take a next step of calling it what it is.
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i did the same thing when it came to president obama with regard to islam and i think that the president is being put in a tough position because now pence is calling this for what it is, other republicans are calling it for what it is and the daughter called it white supremacists. that is the enemy. the president feels that he said bigotry, other names, he's thinking of the perspective of what the big deal s i would encourage him as a supporter of him and not the hating media to call it for what it is and set the record what it is. these are white nationalists and they don't speak for the rest of us on the right. heather: do you think that president obama should have done the same thing following the shooting that happened in
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charleston with dylann roof? >> i do. president obama had a constant conversation about race. i will say -- i wished president obama would call radical islam which he didn't do a lot of times. that was my criticism of the president. it's not only for just calling for everybody to feel good, it's so the enemy know that is we recognize who they are and we are going after them. heather: we have seen it building for a while now. >> exactly. heather: lawrence, thank you so much. thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. rob: 19 minutes after the hour, colin kaepernick is out of a job but the nfl can't get rid of the antiamerica trend that he started. we have more players now taking a knee during the country's national anthem. plus one of president trump's most outspoken critics, rumors
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are swirling that new york city's mayor not very unpopular here in new york, he's ready to run for president in 2020. and also back to school crisis, why your kids may have a problem getting to school this year. stay tune. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family,
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swept 31 resorts, nightclubs in cancún and playia dell cammen suspending operations at two of them for serving unsanitary alcohol. among those suspended, 20-year-old wisconsin, she was received the bootleg booze, the mexican government is cracking down on tourists and it's illegal dangerous and produced under unregulated circumstances. heather: very scary. rob: strong and powerful and sad. heather: well known bar, fat tuesday being one of them. rob: absolutely. school bus driver shortage, when school is about to start up? tracee: just in time, school bus companies are spinning their wheels in an effort to get more drivers hired before the start of this school year. school bus magazine surveyed top 50 bus contracts in the country
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and they all said they had shortage of some kind. 54% said it was a moderate shortage while 22% described it as severe, 5% said they were flat-out desperate. yeah, not what you want to hear. heather: coming off a big weekend. a lot of people heading to the movie they were apparently interested in horror film. tracee: annabelle topped with $35 million. that doesn't surprise considered the movie only cost $15 million to make holding onto second place dunkirk which is fourth weekend coming in third place is nut job 2, nutty by nature. heather: i saw dunkirk this weekend. rob: how was it? heather: i don't know, i don't get it. rob: first person that said that. tracee: al gore, inconvenience
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sequel isn't quite heating up the box office like inconvenience change, that brought $25 million in the u.s. and same abroad and after three weeks in theaters, gore's follow-up has made $2 million at the box office. rob: always hard to have a sequel specially ten years later. heather: more football players are standing with colin kaepernick by taking a seat during the national anthem. rob: there we go. still not on the right camera. [laughter] rob: sat on the bench with a towel on his head as the rest of his team stood for the anthem at a preseason game. it's happening again. heather: now where we are going, running back sat down on saturday night ate a banana instead of honoring his country. a lot of fallout. rob: it really hurt the nfl last year, we will see the impact this year.
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26 minutes after the hour, americans uniting after saturday's horrific hate-fueled attack in charlottesville, virginia but the left using this time to lecture anyone who disagrees with them. >> for a party who called islamic terrorism workplace violence, spare everybody the lectures. heather: we will have live report from the scene in charlottesville, in the meantime critics refuse today pay for a wall to protect our border but one u.s. city wants to use hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep illegals inside it. ♪ managing blood sugar is a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal...
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rob: welcome back, vice president mike pence doubling down on president trump's comments doing clarifying and condemning the violence in charlottesville coming to defense to the president's defense in the face of critics
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that what the president said was not enough. heather: all of this as the department of justice opens a hate-crime investigation. kelly wright joining was the latest. good morning, kelly. kelly: white house and the vice president of the united states are defending president trump's initial response to the racial unrest that erupted over the weekend in charlottesville, virginia, during news conference in colombia, vice president mike pence shifted focus back home. he made it clear that dangerous fringe hate groups have no place in american life. >> we have no tolerance for hate and violence from white supreme crists, neo-nazis or the kkk, these dangerous-fringed groups have no place in american public life and in the american debate. kelly: while people in the town of charlottesville seek ways to bring calm and healing to the community, republican and democrat lawmakers are urging president trump to denounce
2:32 am
white supremacists groups involved in the arrest. >> we all need to have self-reflection and how did we get to this point? kelly: justice department is conducting a civil rights hate crime investigation on this horrible car crash that you're looking at that ran into people killing one and injuring 19 others, 20-year-old james fields, jr. is the driver in custody. >> i would like to see a task force from the department of justice and homeland security to look at the size and scope of these groups, report back to congress and see if we need to do more in terms of suppressing them. kelly: senator lindsey graham saying more, the white house saying the president has. the driver of the vehicle could be charged with domestic terrorism. back to you. rob will be kelly, thanks so much. heather: thanks, kelly. criticism of president trump's
2:33 am
response to charlottesville attack highlights the left's hypocrisy. >> the same people who don't like donald trump says islamic terrorism are urging him now to say white supremacists. what we saw fanatics that don't represent this country. america is not a racial nation and it's time to stop acting like it is. rob: the suspect accused of mowing down protestors will face judge this as we learn more about james fields including very sick infactuation that he had with adolf hitler.
2:34 am
live in charlottesville, virginia where a vigil was held last night, matt. >> yeah, rob, sad and somber morning in the town as the entire country comes to turn with the hateful riots and left three people dead. vigil held of the 32-year-old woman and two state troopers james field, jr. intentionally drove through crowds, being charged with second degree murder, friends of the victims say she was in the streets likely protesting the white supremacists and trying to do the right thing. >> she was a sweet person and i just want to do my best to make sure that our family doesn't have to worry about, you know, cost of anything.
2:35 am
and, you know, i thank her, she always standed up for me. >> there's strong video, some was graphic, james field, jr. intentionally drove gray dodge into the crowds of people in charlottesville on saturday killing the young woman and hurting 19 others. this morning it's not clear if the driver will physically appear in district court or appear by video, as you can imagine there are safety concerns in this town after riots left three people dead here, tragedy, back to you, rob. heather: you saw pictures of him walking with the white supremacists groups, the day before or before? rob: matt, thank you so much. heather: thanks. following the deadly rally in charlottesville, antiprotestors turning washington state freedom peaceful rally clashing in seattle, they were armed with ax
2:36 am
handles and 2 by 4's, offers in riot gear, they were forced to use pepper spray and flash grenade to keep the antiprotestors separateed -- separated. heather: in all of that chaos three people arrested for obstruction and assault, thankfully no one was injured. rob: senator elizabeth warren blasting president trump over one of his biggest campaign promises. >> don't even think about it, we will build the wall. >> by the way, mr. president, we are never ever going to build your stupid wall. [cheers and applause] rob: the massachusetts democrat widely thought to be considered running for president against president trump in 2020 and she's already building a
2:37 am
merchandise empire, online store that goes beyond traditional political items, you see here selling things like, this temporary tattoo that's currently soldout with nevertheless she persisted and that's written in her handwriting. heather: temporary tattoo, pretty creative, anyway. rob: another one of president trump's critics could have his eye on the white house, the new york post reporting new york city's mayor bill de blasio may run for president in 2020 as well. bill de blasio who will win and try to convince progressives that he's a better option than senator warren or bernie sanders for president and new york's governor andrew cuomo also largely to run in 2020. everybody taking a shot. heather: they all have the tattoos, that might be the key. now checking with adam who is
2:38 am
standing by in the weather center to talk about the weather forecast for the week ahead, good morning. >> good morning, i have really good news across the country. mild start to this week, calm start to the week as well. we have seen severe weather in the last couple of days. here is the temperatures, upper 70's, mid 70's, we do continue to see very heavy showers not in the eastern half of the country, shouldn't be too bad today but the western half of the country still monsoonal-type of moisture. we do see an explosion of moisture. the other thing we want to show you tropical storm continue to spin off the coast of florida, that's going to lift its way up maybe coming a hurricane, guys, there's no concern for this one. not impacting the united states. rob: thanks so much. heather: you could call tom cruise's latest mission
2:39 am
incomplete. rob: you have to give him props for trying. he really does the job. tmz exclusive video shows tom cruise crashing into a building during a stunt that's he's performing on his own while filming mission impossible 6 in london. heather: he's known for doing stunts and films, bouncing off of the side of the building probably hurt. rob: that's why they pay him the big bucks, he does the job. heather: critics are quick to attack the president for talking tough with north korea. >> president trump sounds like more like a north korean leader. >> we have never heard bluster from american president. heather: fair and balanced
2:40 am
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2:44 am
there's elements inside of washington also inclusive inside the white house that are not necessarily abetting the president's interest or his agenda. heather: scaramucci adds that the president needs to bring in more loyalists to pass his agenda. rob: american city is considering spending hundreds of thousands taxpayer dollars to keep illegal immigrant criminals i should say in our country, a task force in tacoma, washington says they want the city council to consider using $440,000 to provide legal representation for illegal immigrants at detention center after being arrested for crimes. they are receptive to this idea in the state of washington but not ready to implement it just yet. heather: south of tacoma, san francisco making major announcement today also defying the president's illegal immigration agenda. attorney general and the city attorney holding press conference at 1:00 eastern
2:45 am
standard time threatening sanctuary jurisdiction policies, cities who don't allow local police to cooperate with agents could have federal funding blocked. rob: all righty, we were going to go to steve doocy. if we haven't -- he's ready? heather: we are all over the place today. steve: good morning to you, rob, good morning, heather. we showed you the shocking video on friday, police officer shot at point-blank range, take a look. it is a little disturbing. >> shots fired! >> tell my family i love them. steve: that's the voice of the officer who was shot. the video shot on the police officer's glasses, officer is going to show us story of survil
2:46 am
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heather: good morning, looking at time square where the lights never go out in new york city. some clouds in the sky overhead. hopefully you're beginning the week the right way this morning and you are because you're doing "fox & friends first", we have a story to tell you about right now. forget male or female, hundreds of thousands of organ residents are marking x on gender driver's licenses, people have applied for the option since rules change. washington, d.c. is the only other jurisdiction where gender neutral id's actually exist.
2:50 am
and american universities say diversity training requirement is not mandatory. the university of wisconsin says that their new pilot diversity program is more of an expectation. incoming freshmen costing nearly $200,000. it would be a burden if enforced. rob: pretty good news here. new bloated north korea, the nation of china saying it will stop importing north korean coal, iron, fish and other goods and this will begin very soon on september 5th, this coming as the united nations has also hit north korea with tough sanctions meant to cripple their economy and the china thing pretty good news for president trump who has been really calling out china for supporting north korea n. the meantime from fire and fury
2:51 am
to locked and loaded, president trump being baa raided by the media over his tough talk on twitter for north korea. >> president trump sounds more like a north korean leader than american leader. it used to be at the north koreans and say those are the nuts with nukes but now looks a little bit like we have our own nut with nuke. this is the first time that the dangerous apocalyptic statements have met with dangerous apocalyptic statements by the president of the united states. >> we have never heard this kind of bluster from american world leader to another. rob: approval rating has gone up in the days following those statements and tough talk after eight years. former bernie sanders spokesperson chuck rocha. >> good morning.
2:52 am
>> explain to me the problem with the way the president has been handling north korea from the left, what's the issue? >> i think that words do matter and in all instances all of us as americans want to make sure the president is doing everything he can to keep the homeland safe. you can look at china and what they did with sanctions to actually put some pressure on north korea, you have to get in line because you is feed and clothes your people instead of sitting around with bluster and hard words. i would remind all americans that a million soldiers in iran and afghanistan because we had a guy who wanted to have tough words. >> fair enough. let's go to a poll. i want to show what the approval rating for president trump has done since he started talking tough with north korea. i believe this is going to be before, 39% approving, 59 disapproving, the numbers haven't been good to president trump. after some of those tweets to and north koreans leader kim jong un, up to iv% and 53%, that's a pretty strong jump and a lot of people think north korea is a big part of that.
2:53 am
rebecca, the president has been talking a lot tougher and a lot different than we heard the last eight years which pretty much acted like kim jong un didn't exist. what do you think? >> well, you know this tough talk doesn't just have an effect on north korea but had an effect on china. there's a good reason why china is being serious of enforcing sanctions. if it beliefs that the president of the united states is serious about this, then they're more inclined to actually do part and enforce sanctions, again, this president doesn't just talk tough, he also backed it up, tomahawk missiles against assad syria and afghanistan to go after tunnels that isis using and delegating authority to military commanders so they can effectively go after isis without bureaucracy from washington. that's giving us serious results. rob: i do think that it's fair to say that china's action doing this is direct result of being called out over and over by the
2:54 am
president for supporting a country with a crazy leader that now has nuclear weapons. chuck, let's go to you for a second. i want to ask you something, do you think president obama handled north korea well in eight years? >> i think there's a lot of blame to go around for everybody and president obama was not president -- i'm a democrat but at least we brought people together and we had a conversation, he wasn't on twitter account talking about fast and furious, whatever else he was trying to talk about and trying to figure out results. plenty of blame for politicians that have done a lot of things when it comes to foreign policy. rob: i do think that's fair, we have seen republican presidents as well not know how to handle this vic dater. rebecca -- dictator, rebecca over to you, you have all of the talk on twitter, does it seem that nobody is going to make a move? >> i think that president trump has made it clear that he's willing to make a move and now we are watching in the past every time the president even president obama made threats,
2:55 am
it's just that nobody believed them and when he did, north korea responded with another missile test. we have to get serious here. it's not about coming together it's about stopping kim jong un in north korea. rob: guys, thank you for coming on this morning, we do appreciate it. heather, over to you. heather: five minutes until the top of the hour, what does this look like to you? take a look, one police officer claims that her pizza came with a message pig on it. we will talk about that. and there's a snake near this baby's crib. can you spot it ♪ [vo] progress is seizing the moment.
2:56 am
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rob: time few are the good,ed bad and the ugly. start with the good. the sixth annual vets summer fest in jersey raising $2,500 to help operation chill out. for more information on how you can help go to heather: now the bad. the dad finds a poison news snake near his baby's crib. but can you spot it? look very carefully right there. see the highlighted portion near the diapers? there is the snake. very hard to see. this is going viral and you can see why. >> rob: finally the ugly a pizza shop under fire for allegedly writing pig on the police officer's order.
3:00 am
writing on the order at man screeny pizza. p plain pie and signal next to it is a garlic twist. it's tough to say. it really is. heather: two pictures there. you have to look at it closely. rob: i cannot tell. heather: "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this agreen just display of hatred. >> these dangerous fringe groups have no place in american public life. >> the statement itself is pretty strong and direct about condemning the violence and condemning bigotry. >> depositions reach a boiling point. the u.s. is prepared to fight and to win. >> we are on a coalition choice with north korea. president trump inherited a mess all those smart people criticizing his rhetoric and his policy, how well did you do? >> have you heard talk talking about we being on the cusp of a nuclear war. no intelligence would indicate we are in that place. >> al qaeda wants to turn your mornin


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